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A Message From The Chief Executive

Posted: Sun 04 May 2014

Dear Tranmere Rovers Supporter...

Dear Tranmere Rovers supporter,

Like you, I've woken up today feeling hugely frustrated about what has happened this season.

You can be proud of the way you turned out in great numbers for the Bradford game and gave the players your backing, and we want to see you return next season.

But we need to make sure we provide you with a decent team to cheer. One you are proud of. 

We are acutely aware the squad this year has been unbalanced and over-reliant on players moving towards the end of their careers. The experienced players have given heart and soul for this club but it is wrong to expect them to play every game of a gruelling League One season.

That has meant we have been forced to plug holes by bringing in loan signings to strengthen areas where we were weak or through the need to replace injured players. The constant changing of players undoubtedly damaged our chances of gaining wins as the results over the past 18 months have highlighted.New t-shirts in stock in our 2 for £20 range!

Last season we brought 11 loan players to the club. This season we have seen 15 loanees come through the door. That is down to Tranmere Rovers following the wrong recruitment strategy.

Our Football Operations Director Mick Horton has spent the past few weeks working to ensure we are never in this situation again. He has been focusing on devising a system of player profiling to ensure we bring the right players to Prenton Park.

His hard work means we now have a model to work to that has been lacking in the past. There will be no more ad-hoc signings.

We know the type of full-backs required and the kind of strikers we have to look for. We know the attributes players in all positions have to possess to be a success and the type of squad we need to build to enjoy winning football.

As we build the squad, we will be aware of the number of players we need that can cover certain positions so we can work within our tight budgets. We should never be overstocked in one area and short of cover in another again.

Now this work has been done we are focusing on the players we believe match our criteria. We are building up a database of not just one target but four or five that fit the bill. Budget restrictions may mean we are unable to afford our first choice but we now have a definitive list of the options. We will not need to rush in a gamble signing on deadline day any more.

And it will not just be current players we watch. We intend to make sure we know the under-21s, under-18s and under-16s coming through our ranks and those at rival clubs that fit the bill. We will know who will be in our midfield next season and potentially in three year's time. 

We might bring in some great talent on loan to add to the quality in our squad but the number will be limited and we intend to sign them for longer periods than just one month.Whit Holiday Activity Clubs

This is a strategy we will follow in the future to ensure we do not waste precious resources on signing players that end up sat on the bench. We may get some wrong, even Sir Alex Ferguson did in his time, but we will get more right.

We intend to continue evolving our lists and our manager is going to be key in driving the recruitment process. With that in mind, we are drawing up a shortlist of managers who have a background of working this way and fit the philosophy the club intends to follow.

He will be tasked with ensuring the way we go forward with the Academy also links into his plans. We intend to have a playing ethos that runs from the first team right down to our kids. Everyone at this club must learn to play with one philosophy. That way we can produce kids ready to step into the first team.

This is one of many projects we have been working on behind the scenes in recent weeks. More will become evident as time goes on. Big efforts are being made to improve Tranmere Rovers Football Club for you.

We know this season has been a poor one and we are doing our best to make sure we put a smile on your face next season.