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Lotto Superdraw Winning Numbers

Posted: Fri 17 Jan 2014

Win with Tranmere Rovers

This week's winning numbers: 

Prize No Winner Agent Bonus
£1,000 C0193 C Tipping N Casey £100
£800 No Winner £1,000 Week 34
£10 K4490 Mrs Carter
£10 Y2830 T Stevenson
£10 R6711 L Haines
£10 L5020 Miss Carr
£10 F0834 J Molloy
£10 A4663 Miss Cooper
£10 E3208 P Kenna
£10 R4847 I Peach
£10 G6212 Mr Soderberg
£10 M2620 P James
£10 K1515 J Griffiths
£10 E3189 J Burton
£10 J3448 M Barrie
£10 F3066 D Mccoy
£10 D3478 L Baines
£10 B3811 R Barrie
£10 C5683 I Paterson
£10 A5766 A Lowry
£10 D5897 P Swales
£10 F0815 M Dean
£10 A5520 D Martin
£10 D2736 J Flynn
£10 F0564 J Molloy
£10 R6493 M Begley
£10 L0120 Mrs Candlin
£10 H4384 A Peers
£10 I1452 A Cresswell
£10 K1373 Mrs Gilbertson
£5 E0400 J Knipe
£5 M3005 P O'Leary
£5 P5136 C Watmough
£5 D1309 Mrs  Massam
£5 I1544 S Tate
£5 R0993 S Cheyne
£5 F3854 R Armstrong
£5 A3553 Chanmugan
£5 O6479 Mrs Chesworth
£5 D0950 W Marsden
£5 D0509 J Supple
£5 G4314 J Croxford


Holiday - Maybe? Conservatory - Could do! Brand New Car - Definitely!!
There are now over 50 great cash prizes to be won every week of the year in the Lotto SuperDraw with a weekly jackpot of £1,000 and a Rollover Jackpot of up to £5,000. Total prize fund available to be won by people like you every year is more than an incredible £100,000.

Plus one lucky Winner will win a massive £10,000 in our end of year Super Draw - one of the biggest lottery jackpots in the Football League!! Entry into the Super Draw is based on your payments during the previous 12 months so if you play every week you get 52 entries into the draw! And all this still costs only £1 per week to play.

At least 32.5% of every pound goes towards funding the Tranmere Rovers Centre of Excellence, securing the Whites' future by grooming our stars of tomorrow, today.

Support them by Supporting us!
* Call the lottery office on 07761465878 and make a credit/debit card payment 
* Write a cheque payable to The Lotto SuperDraw for £13 quarterly payment, £26 half yearly payment or £52 annual payment and return to the lottery office
* Simply complete the standing order form attached and return 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Lottery office on 07761465878 and ask for Wal who would be more than willing to help.

The Lotto SuperDraw aims to support a variety of sporting organizations and charities. Registered with Liverpool City Council Reg No's 56 & 58.
Please gamble responsibly:
The lotto is administered by EFC Lotteries Goodison Park, Goodison Road, Liverpool L4 4EL.