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Tranmere Rovers Lotto Super Draw - A Stroke of Luck

12 October 2019

The relationship with Tranmere Rovers is fantastic for stroke survivors, for me, and the charity as we are able to utilise their facilities to help local people who have had strokes in their ongoing journey through rehabilitation and recovery.”
Those are the words of Craig Pankhurst, Founder & CEO of A Stroke of Luck, a charity he started after his own stroke, which supports the rehabilitation of stroke survivors through fitness programmes.
Tranmere Rovers became the first EFL Club to enter into a partnership with A Stroke of Luck in August 2019. 
Craig went on to explain why he set up the charity, and his ambitions for helping fellow stroke survivors in their rehabilitation.
Craig said: “I had a stroke last April and as part of my rehabilitation and recovery and to create my sense of purpose in life, I decided to start a charity supporting people in their life after stroke.
“Essentially, what we are looking to do is support people once they’ve had a stroke with their ongoing physical recovery journey.
Typically, once a stroke survivor is discharged from NHS services, for example, once they have finished their physiotherapy, their occupational therapy, and their speech and language therapy, it is over to them as a stroke survivor to live the rest of their lives.
“It is important to me that no survivor is left thinking “what next?”, so I wanted to put another opportunity in place for stroke survivors to have supportive ongoing recovery.
“A Stroke of Luck is all about supporting the physical rehabilitation of stroke survivors via fitness professionals. Fitness professionals will work with stroke survivors creating an individual training programme to help them with movement and physical activity. We are all aware that physical wellbeing supports mental and emotional wellbeing.
“A significant number of people who have had a stroke experience cognitive challenges and a large proportion also experience physical disabilities, so going into a busy gym environment can sometimes create additional anxiety. Being able to come to an intimate setting like the one at Tranmere Rovers will encourage a stroke survivor to engage with their exercise programme.”
Craig also supports the Tranmere Rovers Lotto Superdraw, which costs just £1 to enter, and it has the ability to help improve the lives of local Wirral residents.
Rovers are a Club with the community at its heart, and by entering the TRFC weekly Lotto Superdraw, 60% of your stake goes directly to helping Tranmere Rovers In the Community programmes. 
Every time that you play the Tranmere Rovers Lotto Superdraw, which has a jackpot of £1,000, and up to £5,000 in weekly roll-overs. 
Craig said: “Engaging in Tranmere Rovers Lotto Superdraw at £1 a week will be a significant benefit to the local population around Tranmere Rovers Football Club.
“For a stroke survivor to come in and access up-to-date, state-of-the-art new equipment, will support them on their recovery journey.
“The money that you spend on the lotto, 60% of that will be reinvested back into the gym which will aid the local community and most particularly for me; stroke survivors around the local area.” 
To find out more about A Stroke of Luck, please CLICK HERE
To find out more about Tranmere Rovers’ Lotto Superdraw and how to enter, please CLICK HERE.​

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