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FIT FANS 12 week programme a massive success with Tranmere Rovers in the Community

9 December 2021

With the first 12 week Fit Fans programme coming to an end this week, we spoke with two attendees to see what they’ve taken away from the programme

Fit Fans returns January 2022 with a new 12-week programme held at Prenton Park. Contact Tranmere Rovers in the Community to register your interest through or call 0151 608 2354 or 07711880144.

Over the last 12 weeks, Tranmere Rovers in the Community have been running two Fit Fan programme for men and women over the age of 35 to help and encourage them to make better lifestyle changes.

The sessions follow an educational programme alongside fitness orientated exercise lessons. We asked two attendees about their time during the first round of Fit Fans, to see how it has impacted them.

“We’ve been learning all about a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, the benefits of exercise and we’ve learned that it’s about small changes – not big, scary changes. You don’t have to give up everything.”

“I’ve learned the most about the nutrition side, to look at the traffic light labels on food all that side of it. It can be quite overpowering when you’re wanting to get fitter and lose some weight, but they’ve explained it in a simple way.”

“I’ve loved the programme, it’s been a real success for me as I’ve lost weight and I feel better, which is even more important than losing the weight really. I’m fitter and not out of breath when walking – it’s just been fantastic.”

“I’ll definitely be keeping up with the label reading in the shops, that’s made a big difference. I’ll keep up my portion control, keep up my walking and increase it a couple days a week.”

“Definitely do it it’s been great fun; the staff make you feel welcome and they make you understand that it’s about small changes. I’ve met a great bunch of girls and we’ve had some laughs in the sessions. Have a go, take that step.”

“I think you learn things that you didn’t know – things that you probably take for granted about food and diet, but when you learn and you apply, it makes the biggest difference.”

“I’ve been coming to walking Football on Mondays and Wednesdays and I’ve gone on a walk every day to build up my stamina. Football has been great, they’re a really great bunch of lads, yeah it’s great fun.”

“After the sessions I’m going to keep coming to walking Football and watch what I eat, keep on walking every day and tell others about it.”

“Come and have a go and try it, there’s nothing to be frightened of and nobody bullies you into doing anything, they’re a smashing bunch of people. The team will make you feel welcome and you’ll contribute at your level. You feel like you’re getting somewhere rather than getting shamed into doing something.”

If you’re interested in joining the new 12-week Fit Fans programme in January, please register your interest with Tranmere Rovers in the Community through or call 0151 608 2354 or 07711880144.

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